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your Presence

Yoga- Ancestral Longo African Dance- Healing

Hi, I’m Dunya

I am Dunya, a yoga teacher, a Longo African dance of Anchoring Malongi (the one who roots) and Healing facilitator

My calling is to hold spaces to help you become more aware, more intentional and more who you really are. No matter where you are in your life, what your story is, you have a creative healing power within you

I am looking forwards to meet you heart to heart.

“Dunya is an inspirational teacher and guide for people seeking to live their best life. Through pranayama, guided meditation and physical practice, a path opens up towards greater self awareness and care. A holistic practice led with deep compassion and sensitivity. So supportive of personal development and inclusive in her teaching. An amazing zest for life and humanity. Total commitment and authenticity. An amazing energy created in her classes makes life better.”

Sarah Dewdney



Find deep alignment with these slow-paced, non-competitive mindful classes

Longo African Dance

Ground into your body/mind and connect to your your ancestry lineage with this sacred healing African dance

Private Sessions

These are focused sessions to find deep rest, sense of wholeness and freedom in body and mind


Yoga of Presence 

The class provides a safe space for you to explore all the dimensions of your body (physical, mental, emotional). You will build strength and flexibility but also a sense of calmness and connectedness. From this point of reference you can then experience your Presence, the authentic Self.

Classes are hatha based classes and open to all levels.

In a session often includes

  • Affirmation/ mantra
  • Breath awareness,
  • Slow-paced movement
  • Self massage
  • Deep meditative relaxation
  • Aromatherapy 

“Proclaim your truth and be the light that you are in the world”
Elima Mputu creator of Longo African dance of Anchoring


Longo African Anchoring Dance to root into your Presence

The Longo is an African Initiation Dance which takes its roots in the vast ancestral knowledge and wisdom of Congo. It is a meditative dance respecting very specific codes. It has 36 movements and each movement has a purpose, coding, an affirmation and a proclamation.

If you want to engage with your body in a fresh new way, reconnect to your ancestry and the world around you, this is the practice for you.

In a typical session you will work on

  1. coordination of the left and right brain
  2. unifying feminine and the masculine energies
  3. releasing deep muscles (particularly pelvis muscles)
  4. conscious breathing
  5. attentiveness and self awareness

To book session or workshop contact me.

Group Classes Timetable

All classes are currently offered online via zoom.

Monday 10:00 – 11:00

Open to all yoga £7 /class

£30/5 classes

To book a class, please contact me here

Wednesday 12:40 – 13:40

Holloway Old Fire Station centre – Women only class – FREE

This class has to be booked through Holloway Old fire Station centre.

Contact OFS centre here:

Workshops Timetable

All workshop are currently offered on online via zoom.

Saturday, January 23rd 6-8pm


Saturday, February 6th  6-7pm


 Saturday, February 27th  6-8pm


 On this full moon evening, you are invited to dance your purity which in the Longo philosophy is your true state of being. Specific coded movements, intention/proclamation, movement, breath, and ritual technology are woven together to create a safe and supportive container for the whole self to be as receptive as it can be. Find out more here

You can book here

Private session

This private session are co-creative spaces where what needs to unfold, unfolds. All you need is a curious mind and an open heart.

Online and face to face sessions take place in the comfort of your own home.

Holistic Yoga

Each session is tailored to you and your needs. Whether you know or not what you want out of the session, you will often be surprised by what the body has to say. The class integrates physical, mental, and emotional aspects of being so you can ground in your most aligned self, your Presence

Session could include:

  • Affirmation and visualization
  • Focused breathing techniques
  • Assisted postures
  • Deep relaxation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Energy healing (face to face)

 Areas of work:

  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Resilience and self confidence boost
  • Overall well-being improvement


90 min Online: £50

90 min Face to face: £70

Intuitive Healing (face to face)

During the session you will be taken in a deep state of rest and relaxation. I will consciously direct my full attention and focus on your body, which will reveal its wisdom to me through images, feelings… Answers might occur about ongoing physical issues, emotional blocks and unhealthy patterns. The body has inner intelligence, which when accessed and followed through can lead to deep healing shifts and ultimately a more joyful life

What do you need:

You just need to be in comfortable clothing with your shoes off. You can choose to lie down on the mat or sit on a your favourite chair.

Session will include:

  • Deep relaxation with aromatherapy and breathing techniques
  • Intuitive body scan
  • Energy healing

Areas of work:

  • Clarity of mind and heart
  • Rooting of body, mind and spirit
  • Release old emotional blockage


90 min £88

The information revealed during your session is not a medical diagnosis. It is meant to help you on your holistic path to healing and does not negate or supersede a diagnosis from a licensed medical professional or other healing practitioner.


I’m so glad you’re popping over here to find out more about me. I’m Dunya, a spiritually-led hatha yoga teacher, Longo African dance Malongi and healing Facilitator.

After being a devoted yoga practitioner for many years, a natural transition toward teaching happened in 2012. Although I was trained in the pure tradition of hatha style, I was always eager to learn from various teachers of different schools of yoga. Each and everyone of them have helped me birth my own voice.

On my teaching journey I’ve had the humbling experience to bring yoga to diverse communities and people of all walks of life. From muslim women wanting to reconnect with their bodies to individuals suffering from chronic stress, I’ve learned that what takes us closer to the most aligned version of ourselves is to recognize and honor our uniqueness. We are not meant to be the same as the next person. It is from our unique point of view that we can effectively relate to our body, our experiences, our choices and people around us.

My life journey has brought different experiences to recognise my individuality. Becoming a mother and losing a mother in a very short time has been one of these experiences. I had to learn to nurture myself physically, emotionally and spiritually so that I could be a mother to my daughter and to others. Self-mothering has allowed a deep connection to my femininity, Mother Earth and the ultimate Divine Mother.

From this new awareness, I was ready to meet my ancestry and reconnect with the wisdom of the Congo, through the Longo African dance of Anchoring. This beautiful practice has deepened my knowledge of the body in relation to breath and movement, but also reignited my connection to energy and ritual healing.

I do believe it is from your uniqueness that you can meet the uniqueness of others. I am here to help and support you in your path towards YOUR PRESENCE.

What is Practice Presence?

The practice of You: the authentic Self– Presence

It all starts with your uniqueness

“Our individuality is all, all that we have” Tom Robbins

Personal work, creativity, self-actualization is all rooted in the ability to be our own person. Yet, we have learned to put layers and layers of masks to function in the world. We are disconnecting ourselves to our unique voice. Honouring individuality by accepting who we are, where we are is the first step towards our Authentic Self Presence.

Listening to the Voice within

We all have our individual Voice, wisdom, all knowing Self that tries to communicate with us. It is all about paying, listening through the noise to reconnect with this part of ourselves. As you breath, move into your yoga, dance, meditate, go about with your daily activities, we practice listening the Voice within and let it guide us, nourish us and take us our healing path.


Free yoga and meditation videos and audios

to take you closer to your authentic Self

This yoga practice is aiming to support you in times of stress and/or heartache. Here it’s not perfecting postures but perfecting the heart.

Guided Meditation to help you visualization of goals


What People Are Saying

“Dunya is very professional and was able to adapt our sessions to my multiple sclerosis condition which, helped me a lot in my recovery”


“Dunya is an inspirational teacher and guide for people seeking to live their best life.

Through pranayama, guided meditation and physical practice, a path opens up towards greater self awareness and care. A holistic practice led with deep compassion and sensitivity. So supportive of personal development and inclusive in her teaching. An amazing zest for life and humanity. Total commitment and authenticity. An amazing energy created in her classes makes life better.”

Sarah Dewdney

“Over a two year period I spent my monday attending a yoga class. Little did I know that this would turn out to be a life transforming event, as I have been going to yoga class for many years. What was transformative was the healing presence of Dunya. She is one of those people who talks to the talk and walks the walk. Dunya embodies  wisdom, understanding, tenderness, kindness and care.”


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